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To order a personally signed copy of “Winning with Wisdom“, “Quotes and Words of Inspiration“, “Moments on Management”, “Strategies for Success” or his latest book “Fragile Power

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Winning with Wisdom” is packed with coaching tips, strategies, stories and quotes to inspire and help you achieve your goals in life, business and sport. Sound advice on Achievement, Action, Advantage, through to Victory, Vision and Wisdom.

“Strategies for Success” 250 performance strategies, stories and quotes.  George Norris presents these ‘shots of inspiration’ daily Monday to Friday on Melbourne Radio Magic 1278 in the top rating segment, “The Life Coach”.

Quotes and Words of Inspiration” includes 365 Quotes by world famous people and strategies from well known Australian Corporate Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Speaker, George Norris, to help you plan your year in life, business and sport

Fragile Power” provides
you with the knowledge,
confidence, and power to improve your leadership
performance and achieve your goals in life, business,
and sport.

Moments on Management” contains 350 thought provoking quotes by world figures with insightful comments by Corporate Coach, Mentor and Facilitator, George Norris of what they mean to you in today’s ever changing world.  His comments are designed to help you cope with change, increase your resilience, plan for success and achieve your full potential in life, business and sport.

Some quotes from George’s clients:

 “George Norris is a great storyteller . . . the underlying philosophy in all his stories is how to better yourself and even more important how to better others.” . .

Peter Schwab, Director of Coaching – AFL, Victoria

“George unravels the way we
are and gives simple, understandable advice to achieve profound change. Now his thoughts are in print. They should carry a warning. “Enthusiasm is contagious.” . .

David Williams, Former QMA Project Leader, BMW Australia Ltd

“… an Executive Coach can help an AFL Coach by fine-tuning in areas of Leadership, Communication and Strategy that can help your confidence and the confidence and performance of your team. . .

Neale Daniher, Former AFL Senior Coach, Melbourne Football Club

 “George has been Mentor and Executive Coach to a number of high potential managers within my team.He has managed with professional development and focus to guide their thoughts and actions allowing them to grow and mature into competent and admired leaders.In essence he has helped accelerate their development to where today they display measured thought, confidence and a desire to develop themselves and others.They have benefited from self discovery in both their work and private lives and have become happier, healthier and more complete people”.

Keith Mentiplay, Director Operational Excellence, National Foods – Australia.

 “George brings a lifetime of business experience to a contemporary business issue. He approaches business issues through people and drills down to a business solution through understanding how the person is responsible for an organisation is performing.He makes you look at yourself, not someone else for the solution and in doing so assists you (the CEO) to assess your effectiveness. It is how you respond that determines your value to an organisation. It is an extremely effective but subtle approach to growing and developing an organisation”.

Kelvin Boyd, Director, BVH Accountants Pty Ltd.