Client Comments

“I have had the pleasure of working with George for the past 5 years where in that time I have seen and experienced first hand the exceptional results of his work.

George has been Mentor and Executive Coach to a number of high potential managers within my team.

He has managed with professional development and focus to guide their thoughts and actions allowing them to grow and mature into competent and admired leaders.

In essence he has helped accelerate their development to where today they display measured thought, confidence and a desire to develop themselves and others.

They have benefited from self discovery in both their work and private lives and have become happier, healthier and more complete people.

At no time did they feel George was judgemental or critical and always found him to be both available and accessible.

Their feedback to me has been that George has a very strong understanding of business and the business environment but has balance against compassion for their needs and feelings.

He focussed them on desired outcomes – beneficial for the company and the individual.

There is no doubt in my mind that George has had a lasting positive impact on their lives that will be a permanent advantage to their career and personal development.

It has been a great investment – Congratulations George, thanks for the effort.”

Keith Mentiplay
Director Operational Excellence
National Foods – Australia


“George brings a lifetime of business experience to a contemporary business issue. He approaches business issues through people and drills down to a business solution through understanding how the person who is responsible for an organization is performing. He makes you look at yourself, not someone else for the solution and in doing so assists you (the CEO) to assess your effectiveness. It is how you respond that determines your value to an organization. It is an extremely effective but subtle approach to growing and developing an organization.”

Kelvin Boyd
Kelvin Boyd Advisory Pty Ltd

“The recent accreditation by Bruce Lynton as the first Dealer in Australia to become a BMW Quality Partner after almost two years of hard work and improvements in performance is a remarkable achievement.

Your consistent and positive contribution in the face of many many difficulties and human resistance to change is quite notable and a credit to your professional ability as a QMA Coach.”

David Williams,
QMA Project Leader,
BMW Australia Ltd.


“After 30 years or more, knowing George as a client and friend, I can probably say this with confidence, ‘George Norris has hit his peak’. His blend of unexpected insight and experience has never been better or potentially more valuable to those he coaches, mentors and businesses who engage his services.

While he is not the fountain of youth, George is testament to perserverance, energy, lifetime learning and personal growth.

He is a great man to have on your team”.

Ian Herdman,
IRH Advisory


George, you did an excellent presentation, both from a content and motivational point of view. Most of our conference attendees came up to me the following day commenting on some part of your session.”

Clayton Sanderson, Regional Marketing Manager,
Caterpillar of Australia Ltd.


“The feedback I received from the delegates was first class and I really would like to thank you very much for your input. Once again, thank you for a very professional job.”

Vic West,
General Manager,
Agency & Services Marketing,
Norwich Union.


“I thought I should drop you a short note to thank you for the tremendous effort you put into our Business Planning Retreat.

It was a great success, both from a staff morale point of view and in terms of the increased clarity it provided about our direction.”

Alan Schwartz,
Executive Chairman,
BHL Systems Pty Ltd.


“We have used Norris Management Pty Ltd throughout our company’s growth and we have found George’s service invaluable. For anyone considering an advanced business strategy George’s insight and knowledge was second to none.”

Neil and Zelma Wyatt
Managing Directors
Herb Herbert


“Just thought that I would send you a note thanking you for an exceptional presentation yesterday.’

All participants were both challenged and instructed and all will gain important effective work procedures if they use the ‘Toolbox’ they have been given.

Thanks again.”

Peter Fitzgerald
Managing Director
Cookers Bulk Oil System


“Following up from the Torus Games Leadership Workshop, I would like to take this opportunity to forward on our appreciation for your time and expertise.

We have found in the short time of completing Phase 1 of our project that the overall leadership throughout the company has improved and become more constructive.”

Bill McIntosh,
Managing Director,
Torus Games.


“All of the feedback I have received suggests last Friday night was something of a success. This was in no small measure the result of your wonderful contribution, which has been specifically mentioned in a number of the letters and calls I have received.

Thanks a million once again George, it was fantastic.”

David O. Shave,
Managing Director,
David Shave Human Resources.


The staff were very complimentary of your expertise as a coach/trainer in the field of Golf Club Management and all have confirmed to me that they learned new things which they will take forward with them in their lives ahead.

We are receiving warm accolades from our members, not just due to the spectacular shop, but also due to the great service they are receiving from our staff. Sales are also booming, which is pleasing me greatly.

I look forward to a continuing long term relationship with you.”

W. B. Francis,
General Manager,
The Royal Sydney Golf Club Limited.


Congratulations on a great performance at the Fourth Year Pharmacy Dinner last Thursday night. The content and timing, plus your enthusiasm were just right.

It is great to have a motivational speaker who knows pharmacy. Thank you.

Jenny Gowan, Director,
Training & Development,
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.


On behalf of Tourism Council Australia, I would like to thank you for your input as a presenter at this years Tourism Marketing Masterclass.

The general feedback we have received has been excellent. I feel sure that the participants learned some valuable advice during your three sessions, and we hope they put it into practice!

Ulla Hiltula,
Victoria Manager,
Tourism Council Australia.


I want to thank you on behalf of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia for your recent contribution to the segment you conducted for us a the recent Pharmacy Australia Congress.

The feedback from both the participants and the organisers has been very positive which is not surprising to the Guild because of the professional manner in which you addressed the areas of the program.

Maurice V. Sheehan,
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


I have received very positive feedback from those who attended, and on behalf of the group, wish to express sincere appreciation for the excellent presentation, which was very enlightening and created enormous interest and enthusiasm. Thank you.

Thia Chandrajit,
Catering Centre Manager,
Qantas Flight Catering