Warwick Guy




Warwick Guy photo

Warwick, or “Biggles” as he is affectionately known, is a unique senior international airline Captain who with 25,000 hours flying experience in a variety of aircraft has a great story to tell on leadership and motivational messages for teams.

When asked recently about the difference in leadership required to be a Mirage Jet Fighter pilot compared to a 747 Senior Captain he states “a fighter pilot has to be ‘totally selfish’ to survive and take out the enemy whereas as a 747 Senior Captain has to be ‘totally selfless’ and work in harmony with the in-flight Management and crew to help passengers enjoy to “Fly in the Sky”.

In 1974 Warwick graduated as a Fighter Pilot and flew Mirage Jet Fighters, based at RAAF Williamstown.

In 1976 he was awarded Dux of the Fighter Combat Instructors Course RAAF Williamtown.  He then remained at RAAF Williamtown as an Instructor of FCI courses, basic and advanced for both the Macchi and Mirage Jet Fighter courses.

In 1979 he flew Learjets as a training captain prior to joining Ansett Airlines in 1980.  At Ansett he flew Fokker F27, Boeing 737 and 727 until 1987.

In 1988 Cathay Pacific recognised his solid and varied experience in the RAAF and offered Warwick a position as a First Officer on the new Lockheed Tristar wide bodied airliner, based in Hong Kong and in 1990 he graduated to Captain.

In 1991 he was then transferred as a Senior Captain on the Boeing 747-400 and flew internationally until early 2013.  Before retiring he trained for two years in Senior Management with Cathay Pacific Airways.